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released in 2006.5

split 7inch ep w/enslave (label: gouki, japan) (sold out)

deathcount side title is ”adrenaline particle”

6 chaotic muchine drum grindcores by deathcount and 3 raising hardcores by enslave are packed into the ep. our old friend enslave is the great emotional japanese hardcore band in kitakamakura h8core kingdom. 


in 2006 - 2007, deathcount released split ep with kitakamakura hardcore band enslave. 500 copies are sold out as quick as lightning. with the closing of nishiogikubo watts, we stopped our self organize party “the sun is gone”. and we started new deathcount organize party “grind shintoshin” based in hatsudai wall at shintoshin shinjuku. keep on holding this party at a slow pace…



released in 2005.12

disk union presents v.a. ”the central point of 2” (label: central plaza, japan) (sold out)

young and cutting edge bands cohol, enslave, angel o.d, low vision, heaven in her arms, tiala, etc.. are join this compilation from central plaza by disk union. track 1 is deathcount’s new song “end of emaciation”. 



released in 2005.7

por-copy cassette ”deep sea in a wierd mind” (label: broken noise, malaysia)

this is our first release from oversea lable broken noise in malaysia. this pro-copied cassette tape includes 10 songs is hardly distributed in japan, so if you have this rare tape, do not sell at internet auction.

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